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WashburnGenealogy.org is a wiki site dedicated to the genealogy and family history of Kevin and Shelley Washburn, of Wales, Utah. Anyone is welcome to register and contribute, as long as they follow the site guidelines. Divergent genealogical lines are welcome, as long as they tie in to at least one existing family on the site.

We would like this wiki to be a repository not only for pedigree charts and family group sheets, but also for biographies, histories, memories, photographs, etc. Any items which you feel contribute to the history of a particular family group are welcome on this site.

Please do not put personal information (i.e. birth dates, etc.) for persons born after 1900, unless their death date is documented. WashburnGenealogy.org is not responsible for the information listed on this site by users, and will not be held legally liable for any misuse resulting from said information.